Online Betting

Better Littermate offers new users a bonus which, however, must be chosen at the time of registration. Must of course register, then perform the first charge, choose their own odds, betting accumulate points, resulting in 50% of the first deposit, but with a maximum of 25 Euro.

The bonus you get into "trenches" by 5 Euros each and to receive each "trance" 5 Euro Bets must have collected 700 points, for every dollar of bets betting betting you get seven points. Users have 90 days to release the 50% of its deposit.

Also proposed is a Multi Bonus. Better assigns a bonus of 5% from the fifth event was added to multiple. Do not contribute to the allocation of bonus shares all outcomes with less than or equal to 1.10. In addition, this bonus does not apply to motor racing events and betting Possession ball, Penalty Yes / No and Expulsion / OFF.

The bonus increases by 5% for each additional event entered. With the Happy Hour is played on Saturdays and Sundays from 17.00 to 20.30 on weekends when football matches are played in Series A, the Multi Bonus, currently at 5%, may be increased up to double!

Who participates in Premium Club, the VIP Program to Better Lotto mat, gets a bonus almost every time he plays. Will be credited to the Premium Point (PP) that can be converted into bonus to the achievement of pre-defined thresholds and allow your status to advance position.

For each status are provided multipliers that accelerate the collection of PP. The value of the multiplier increases with the increase of the status. You bet on a multiple composed of two to four events and is located in Iron Status, for every euro player gets five points if he plays 3 Euro accumulates 15 points.

If you find the Status Bronze Euro each player can earn 50% more points collected in the month of the previous status. You can increase the collection points not only with sports betting, but also choosing between the other products in the range Lotto metical.

Participate in the VIP Program is free and just open an account and log in now to play Iron Status. There is currently a promotion called "2 cards 2 bonus" those who associate their SNAIL card to get a credit card, for example, 15 Euro to be spent on every bonus games.