Playing Football Game

We expect a lot of emotions Saturday with the top of the table, and above all, by the leadership struggle. The Barcelona and Athletic Madrid continue their relentless struggle to follow at the top of the standings, and this time, is the club which has more facilities to continue as leader another day.

The first match of the day was played on Malaga against Rayon Valliant at the Rosalinda stadium from 18:00 h. The team is surprising everyone Malaga football fans as both in Europe and in the Lira this show as one of the best sets with football across the continent.

The game will be conducive to their aspirations, and playing in their stadium, which is a real stronghold in the league campaign. This meeting comes before traveling to Italy to face AC Milan in San Sire, confrontation that will decide whether qualified for the next round of Champions or have to keep fighting the last two days.

El Rayon Valliant comes to this meeting after receiving the last day a hand by the club, which was largely a bit unfair. It must be said that Valences were not as plugged in as the days passed, but the problem is that to get a set like Barcelona always involves receiving the best players in the world, something very difficult to stop, even if you stay solid in defense.

So the Andalusia side as the favorite, and if you see the statistics, as the Malaga home is intractable and Ray has won only a four appearances outside their stadium. Bets are facing the Andalusia side, which is paid by 1.40, while the Lightning win you get to pay up to 8.00 per Euro invested.

In addition, SNAIL offers its customers a bonus of 100% for sequential multiple of at least five events on the football on the basketball and tennis. If a share is less than 1.20 you get an additional 5% on winning, if all dimensions are equal to or greater than 1.20 and no more than a 1.80 you get an additional 6% of the winnings and if all the shares are equal to or greater than 1.80 you get an additional 7% on winning.

 This bookmaker gives a 3% bonus on winning the third event included in the ticket, excluding, however, the results with odds of less than 1.50. The bonus increases of 3% with each additional event inserted, provided that the portion is always equal to or greater than 1.50.