Speed Up Your Formula One Win Rate

Unibet casino betting review: The high octane sport of Formula One (F1) is one that’s enjoyed by sports fans across the world; not least for its glamorous locations, expensive cars and breakneck speeds. However, aside from the viewing pleasure of F1, it’s also a great sport to boost your finances.

Becoming a winning F1 punter isn’t an easy task though; indeed, with statistical information hard to come by at times, you can often be left betting on a hunch if you’re not careful. However, there are some things you can take into consideration when sizing up which driver is going to be a good bet for the forthcoming race.

Betting on the winner of a race is by far the most common F1 bet you can make, but how do you decide which driver is best? One of the first things to do is look beyond which driver is “hot” and look at the track. In-form drivers will often be a favourite with the bookies, but their odds are usually low which means your profit margin will never be every high. On top of this you’ll find that no favourite is ever a certainty due to the turbulent nature of F1.

The first thing you can do to help narrow down your F1 betting selections is by looking at the start grid. Find a driver who is currently having a good season and see where they are on the starting grid. In some races this will be significant because the course will have very little overtaking opportunities. Indeed, tracks such as Monaco and Catalunya (the Spanish Grand Prix) are traditionally tough to overtake on and in recent years the winner has always started at the front of the grid.

In contrast, if you’re fixing up the prospects in a race where the track is much wider, then you should be more willing to consider drivers that are in form but further down on the grid. Their form and the nature of the track should help them over the course of a long race.

F1 betting takes a lot more than just which driver is top of the current leader board. Different tracks offer different opportunities and different drivers respond better to certain conditions than others. All these things need to be taken into consideration if you want to become a successful F1 bettor.