Tips of Online Betting

The world of betting, now at the center of the scandal football betting, do not go unnoticed by the Special Police currency. From 2010 to November 30 have been 70 reports of suspicious transactions of recipients of money laundering legislation which related directly bets on football matches and other sporting events.

Alongside the yellow flames and FLU also operate the State Monopoly. The Autonomous Administration, in its institutional activities of control over their dealers, supervises the bets and winnings paid by operators for both abnormal amounts reported by Stogie, is to check whether the operators comply with the limits imposed by law for reporting money laundering.

Since January 1, moreover, AIMS will perform checks on bank accounts. More weapon to intensify the investigation of violations of the money laundering regulations directly related to gaming market. In terms of limits on cash, however, the game world will have to deal with the new threshold of € 1,000.

For some of them, such as Scratch & Win or Supervene, you should review the rules on payouts by operators. For the Supervene the operator can pay cash up to € 2,500, well above the threshold of one thousand euro introduced by Decree-saving Italy. You will need to check.

The operator shall reimburse the form of a bonus bets, 25% of net losses, who opens a new account betting on Tootsie and choose "BETTING - Bonus up to 250 €." The maximum combined within ten weeks is 250 Euro. The Unbent currently not reachable due to business needs. As a result they are not even available information on bonuses.

In the first six weeks will need to play with the amount of € 2 each, and you can take advantage of this bonus even in the next four weeks. The bonus is credited on a weekly basis by the Wednesday following the reference week, on the basis of net losses accrued during the reference week (Monday to Sunday). Tootsie also offers its users a bonus on Accumulators. It is time the league leaders ahead on Sunday November 4, that this time will shift very hard in their struggle to protect the top of the standings. But the meeting will take place in the afternoon, and hours before, from 12:00 h, three open meetings on Sunday the day league where half the teams in the table is the play in their aspirations for the definitive leap to the first ranking positions.